Rapid Recycle

5292 Pacheco Blvd., Pacheco CA 94523

About Us


 Rapid Recycle, through its parent company Debri Tech, Inc., is a California State Approved E-Waste Collector.   Our company also holds a commercial recycling permit with the Central Contra Costa Waste Authority (CCCWA) and  is a recognized recycling resource through the Alameda County Waste Authority (www.stopwaste.org).

Our business is to recycle electronics, appliances and metals to both reduce the volume of materials going into local landfills and keep toxic materials from poisoning our environment. But our real objective is to reduce ALL types of household and business materials from reaching our landfill. 

We work with other household waste collectors, to redirect all types of household and business wastes away from filling the dumps.  Instead, our collected items go to:
·   Local Thrift Shop Donations
·   Re-sale/Re-use through a network of small resale vendors
·   Recycling – Electronics & Metals

We feel reducing the amount of materials reaching our
landfills benefits the environment, our community and our future. Say something interesting about your business here.


Computer Sales!

If you need a very reasonably priced computer we can help.  We have a  variety of excellent fast and reliable rebuilt computers, as well as quality tested monitors and other components, for sale at prices far below regular retail prices.  Individual boards and components are available too.


Re-use instead of Recycle!

We set aside a wide variety of usable items we receive for resale and reuse.  Come in and find some real bargains.  Please Note: During the pandemic, we have suspended our resale activities to adhere to social distancing.  We apologize for the inconvenience.